Jewelry Designer Casey Perez sits at her jewelry bench while working on a piece of sustainably made custom jewelry for a client

Demystifying the Custom Jewelry Process

Are you considering creating a bespoke jewelry piece that perfectly fits your style? Or maybe you're thinking about a gift for someone special? It's a fun and exciting process but might seem a little intimidating if you're not sure where to begin. As a jeweler with a passion for personalized design, I believe that creating custom jewelry should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. That's why I'm excited to take you behind the scenes and walk you through each step of my custom design process. From brainstorming ideas to selecting the perfect stone, I'm here to guide you through it all. So, if you're ready to start your bespoke jewelry journey, let's dive in!
1) Get in touch: The first step in planning your custom piece is to get in touch with via our questionnaire. This allows me to get a better understanding of what you are looking for, such as your timeline, budget, and overall vision.

2) Let's talk!: The next step is to schedule a complimentary consultation with me via phone or video chat. We'll go over your inspirations, any design ideas you have, as well as the type of materials you're interested in using. Knowledge about jewelry isn't necessary; I can guide you through any questions you might have and provide suggestions for things such as metal type, stones, and settings if you're not sure. If you decide to move forward with your custom piece, we ask for a design deposit that will go towards the cost of your final piece.
3) Design: After your consultation, I'll take all of your inspiration and specifications and create some initial sketches. I want you to truly love your piece, so you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and make any edits to the design. Depending on the design, I may also create a 3D computer model to really bring your piece to life and show you what it will look like from all angles. Once you approve it, I'll 3D print a life-size wax replica of your piece so you can see what it will look like and even try it on. If your design involves any stones, I will source and personally hand-select options to share with you at this stage.
hand sketch of a personalized ring design for a client
4) Creation: This is the exciting part where we start making your piece. The design will be cast or hand-fabricated in the metal of your choice and carefully hand-finished. You can opt for things such as personalized engravings and various metal finishes at this stage. After a final inspection, the finished piece will be delivered to you!
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