About the Brand

Casey Perez Jewelry celebrates creativity and personal discovery through refined and artistic pieces that capture the imagination. Our inspiration draws from the modern and timeless shapes of architecture, sculpture, and the natural world to transport you to a world of wonder and inspiration. Each of our jewelry pieces is a wearable work of art, designed to infuse beauty and splendor into your everyday moments 

About the Designer

1st generation Mexican-American designer Casey Perez found her way to jewelry unexpectedly. While studying at New York University, she came across a metalsmithing course where she learned centuries-old jewelry making techniques to transform raw materials and bring her ideas to life. It was this alchemical process that captured her heart and inspired her to embark on a new path. Casey’s love of art and design greatly informs her work, drawing inspiration from an artful lexicon of influences ranging from modernist architecture to sculpture. The results are unique handcrafted pieces that are at once visual explorations and intimate expressions.

Photo by Dina Kantor


Behind every object lies a story of inspiration and creation. In a world of mass production where so much is made behind closed doors, however, one rarely gets to experience it. We invite you to step into our world by sharing the stories and craft behind our pieces so that our jewelry is not just another object, but a source of inspiration, connection and joy. The line aims to challenge consumerism and over-consumption by embracing a slow fashion approach. Going against the current of fleeting trends, we embrace an artful, expressive aesthetic which is ultimately timeless. Pieces are designed and handmade with intention to remain relevant in an ever changing world.


Believing in the value of good craftsmanship and connecting with her materials, Casey designs every piece in her Brooklyn studio. Designs are developed by hand utilizing a variety of traditional techniques such as lost-wax casting, hammering and forming which lends a personal touch to every piece. With local production and sustainability in mind, all pieces are cast locally in New York City by family run castors using recycled metals. Pieces are made to order using zero to low waste processes to reduce environmental impact and avoid overproduction and waste.