Inspiration from Miro's Surrealist Imagination

Inspiration from Miro's Surrealist Imagination

From the Canvas to the Bench
I've always been fascinated by art and its magical ability to whisk us away to other worlds. One such artist whose work has always captivated me is surrealist painter Joan Miro. His playful lines and abstract forms transform the canvas into a playground for the imagination, encouraging you to freely explore and conjure up your own associations and meanings. Inspired by his surreal and imaginative approach, I wanted to craft a ring that would embody that same spirit.

 From sketch to studio

The design for the Miro ring began as a series of playful curving lines that I sketched on paper, inspired by that same sense of spontaneity and whimsy from Miró's art. I took these initial sketches to the studio, where I continued to develop the idea with metal and wire. This took several iterations to get the curves to sit just right on the finger.

The result is a beautifully abstract ring with looping, curving details that beckon you to engage your imagination. It's a wearable piece of art that invites you to explore the endless possibilities of self-expression and serve as a reminder to see the magic in everyday moments.

What an even closer look?
Dive deeper into the Miro Ring with our behind-the-scenes video.
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