The Art of the Letter

As someone who loves sending and receiving written correspondence, I immediately gravitated toward this small post card (above) from Alexander Calder to Pablo Picasso on a recent visit to the De Young Museum.

As observers, our knowledge of artists is usually limited to what we can glean from their carefully composed artworks which makes the intimate little details of their letters – the careful penmanship, a hastily scratched out word, the flourish at the end of a word – feel all the more special.

These letters are works of art in their own way, each piece of paper serving as a small blank canvas to be filled with personal reflections, observations and even the impromptu doodle.

Scroll down to see a selection of my favorite letters from some beloved artists. Hope you enjoy these and maybe even get inspired to pick up a pen and paper to write a letter of your own or just leave a special note for someone :)
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