Custom Jewelry FAQs

Custom Jewelry FAQs

Are you interested in commissioning a custom piece of jewelry but don't know where to start? If you are brand new to the process, head over to our previous post to learn what goes into a custom piece, step by step. Still have questions? Below I'm answering some of the most common questions I get asked about creating a bespoke piece. Read on!

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How long does a custom jewelry piece take to create?
 5-7 weeks is the average time frame to create a custom piece of jewelry. However, depending on the nature of the design, it’s possible to complete a project much sooner than this. We can give you a a more specific time frame after our consultation call.

How much does custom jewelry cost?
There are many factors that go into determining the price of a custom piece of jewelry including the kind of metal, the type and number of gemstones, and the complexity of the design. We recommend you fill out our questionnaire here , schedule your free custom consultation. and move into the design phase so that we may quote you an exact price for your specific project.

Can I use my own stones?
Whether you have stones you already own or from an existing piece you may have inherited, we understand the sentimental value that these hold and would love to work with you to reset these into a new custom piece. We design a new piece around these stones or incorporate them into a design with additional gemstones.

I live in another state or outside of the U.S., can I still work with you?
Absolutely, we work with many clients that are from outside of New York City. We can conduct consultations and design meetings remotely via phone and video calls.

I don’t know anything about jewelry, can I still create a custom piece?
Yes! Jewelry is a very nuanced field that takes many years of learning and training to master, so we don’t expect clients to be experts. It’s helpful if you know a little about it but is absolutely not necessary. I’m here to answer your questions, give suggestions and offer guidance through the entire process.

I like one of your designs but I want it in a metal or stone you don’t offer, can you customize it?
Absolutely! We can source your favorite gemstone and work it into one of our pre-existing designs.

Why does custom made jewelry cost so much more than what I can buy off the shelf?

Great question! The cost of custom-made jewelry can seem high, but it's important to consider all the factors that go into creating a unique piece. Beyond the cost of materials, you are also paying for the expertise, time, and skill of the designer. This includes the time it takes to conceptualize the design, source the exact stone you’d like, create a CAD prototype, and then fabricating the piece itself. Mass-produced jewelry is typically less expensive since it only requires a single design that can be replicated for many to purchase, whereas a custom-made piece of jewelry entails a one of a kind design and production process to ensure the highest level of quality and personalization. 

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