Collection: Arcos Collection

The Arcos collection draws upon the enduring beauty and timelessness of arches, reinterpreting their graceful curves and symbolic power into a series of modern jewelry designs. Throughout history, the arch has remained a notable architectural element, revered for its structural strength and elegant form, and imbued with deep symbolic meaning as a representation of transition and new beginnings.

The collection pays tribute to the elegance of the arch's shape, reimagining its gentle curves to create unexpected and exquisitely modern pieces that embody the strength and beauty of this symbol. Each piece in the Arcos collection is crafted from recycled 18k gold and artfully designed to capture the timeless allure of this shape. They serve as reminders of strength and renewal in all their forms, inspiring and empowering wearers to embark upon their own transformative journeys.


Casey’s love of art and design greatly informs her work, drawing inspiration from an artful lexicon of influences ranging from modernist architecture, the Bauhaus and Memphis movements, to Swedish minimalism.