Discover the Fine Collection

Introducting two new fine capsule collections created in partnership with the Natural Diamond Council and celebrated jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. Recognized for her imaginative designs and artistic approach to jewelry design, designer Casey Perez is one of a select few designers to be chosen as part of the Natural Diamond Council's Emerging Designers Initiative which aims to support emerging BIPOC jewelry designers. Casey showcases the artful aesthetic she has come to be known for while similteanously reimagining what fine jewelry can be.

Close up of gold hoop earring with diamonds on earlobe
Woman wearing gold ring in middle finger

Tierra Nueva Collection

The Tierra Nueva collection explores the unique connections we have with place. Evoking the fluid contours of landforms and utilizing diamonds and gold mined straight from the earth, these pieces invite the wearer to contemplate the places they cherish and the sentiments they hold.


Arcos Collection

The Arcos collection draws upon the enduring beauty and timelessness of arches, reimagining their gentle curves to create unexpected and modern pieces that embody the strength and beauty of this symbol. They serve as reminders of strength and renewal in all their forms, inspiring and empowering wearers to embark upon their own transformative journeys.